Patient Participation Meeting

Posted on:

25th September 2023 (Monday) 6.30pm

Face-to-Face Meeting at Windmill Branch 65 Shoot Up Hill NW2 3PS

We would be grateful if you could join us in our Third PPG Meeting of the year.

The meeting is for the benefit of the patients and staff. It gives you a forum to express your opinions and offer feedback on the services we offer here at the surgery.

Non-urgent advice: Please note

These meetings are not for personal clinical problems or comments.

As such, we feel now would be a good time to follow up with patients in person both old and new, introduce some of the staff, meet our new patients, reacquaint with old ones and continue the inclusive journey to ensure all patients receive a positive experience from the surgery and from the wider NHS team.


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Minutes of previous meeting and any updates
  3. Change in online access to Health Records 1st November
  4. Dr Abdelsaid leaving
  5. Covid Autumn booster
  6. Flu vaccination
  7. Weekend appointments @ the hub
  8. Patient DNA appointments
  9. AOB
  10. Provisional date for next meeting