Private Services List and Fees

We offer a number of Non-NHS services to our patients or in other words there are a number of services that are run from these premises that are offered on a Private basis. They are not part of the NHS, so fees are usually payable.

Private Letter / TWIMC From £10
Private Sick Certificate £15
Private Prescription for Travel £10
Freedom from Infection Certificate £25
Accident Insurance Form From £50
Private Health Insurance Form From £50
Housing Letter (payable in advance) TBC
Children Letter for Ballet / Stage etc. £10
Fitness to Fly Letter £69(full report)£18 (pre-existing medical condition)
Cancellation Holiday Form / Letter £45
Fitness to Exercise Certificate £20
Overseas Pension Form £20
Power of Attorney Form £50 per form
Power of Attorney Form (Home Visit) TBC
School Health Report £60 (report, no examination)
School Health Report (Ofsted) £85
Letter for taking Meds on Plane £18
Passport Form / Photograph GPs no longer permitted to sign British Passports
Firearms / Shotgun Licence £40
HGV £90
All Taxi Medicals and Bus Medicals £90
Pre-employment Medical
(Including elderly driver fitness to drive)
Hepatitis B (course of three injections) £25 per injection
Meningitis ACWY £40
Rabies (course of three injections) £55 per injection
Please note we offer these services to registered patients only.You may be asked to pay in advance for the service you are requesting. We accept all major debit/credit cards or cash as payment.Prices correct as of 2/10/2020.